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Established in 2005 Majella Greene & Associates are a collaborative collective of experienced professionals, clinicians and academics who work with leaders, organisations, groups and communities to be the best they can be.

We focus on strengths based interventions to improve engagement, performance and innovation for businesses, groups and individuals. All associates are behaviour change specialists with many years experience in research and practice.

Private: Motivational Interviewing Training

MI Training

Motivational interviewing is a well established behavioural and cognitive change intervention. Developed within substance misuse clinical practice, MI is now used across a broad range of clinical, educational, criminal justice and medical practice.

“Motivational interviewing is a collaborative, goal-oriented style of communication with particular attention to the language of change. It is designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to a specific goal by eliciting and exploring the person’s own reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion.

Miller & Rollnick. 2012. Continue reading “Private: Motivational Interviewing Training”