About Majella


I am an artivist, a curator of people to bring about personal, social and cultural change. A registered social worker, positive psychology practitioner, behaviour change specialist and integrative therapist with over 30 years of experience in working with people to have a better life. My work is trauma informed, person centred and humanistic.

Mostly I am human, experiencing life with all that shows up, joy, loss, grief, play, being courageous to tell the truth quicker, connect with others and celebrate life in all it’s forms. My work takes me all over the world, in 2019 I have been working in Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, the UK and the United States. I work with individuals, teams, groups and organisations to facilitate change that frees people up to be more of who they are in whatever they are doing.

My work has afforded me the luxury of working alongside art therapists, group therapists, academics, creatives in the music industry (I used to manage bands), hosting salons, supper nights and opening the first Happiness on the High Street pop-up shop called Urban Woot. I am the founder of Guerrilla Hugs, raising awareness of the importance of platonic touch throughout life, increasing connection through the use of touch.

I live in London, keep bees, like to run (slowly), walk (hike), cycle, bake sourdough, grow vegetables, love to cook and have a daily gratitude practice #gratitude365. I love film and am passionate about the positive effect cinema can have on how and who we are!


Positive Psychology is a strengths-based approach that I enjoy using to explore values, what gives life meaning and purpose, while laying foundations for self actualisation.  Working from a strengths base, exploring your values, what you love to do and how you would like to enhance your wellness in the world you live in using:

  • Mindfulness
  • Physical activity
  • Positive Relationships
  • Strengths & Values
  • Being human

Cultural Humility is a humble and respectful attitude toward individuals of other cultures that pushes one to challenge their own cultural biases, realise they cannot possibly know everything about other cultures, and approach learning about other cultures as a lifelong goal and process.

PCS Model

Understanding how our environment, socialisation and lived experience impacts on our well being, relationships and potential for thriving is important. We are not isolated individuals, social structures, our education, family and friends all contribute to how we are in the world.

    • Personal – family, cultural, gender, how our traits impact on us in the world
    • Cultural – shared belief’s, commonalities
    • Structural – systemic influences – discrimination based on identity, belief’s, socio-economic status
  • Holistic; thinking together how our physical and emotional health effects us, natural medicine, broader than pathologising individuals.
  • Trauma informed practice – awareness of self, the impact of trauma (traumatic events) and how to work sensitively with survivors.
  • Motivational Interviewing; a person-centred behaviour change intervention, discovering and supporting what changes you want to make and how/when/if this is what you want to do?
  • Connection; nothing changes without connection to self, others and the environment you live in.
  • Touch; researching the importance of platonic touch in everyday life for life!

Work Experience

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Education & Training

BA Hons Social Work, 1995

Diploma in Social Work, 1995

MA Social Work, research, policy evaluation, 1998

MSc Applied Positive Psychology, 2012

Neal’s Yard Foundation in Natural Medicine, 2000

Motivational Interviewing Trainer, 2001

I am currently developing more trauma informed practice, how the body retains information and tells us what we need to know.