Executive Coaching

Who for?

  • Board Directors
  • Professionals
  • Senior Leaders
  • Teams
  • Consultants

Helping individuals and organisations to generate the right environment for talent to flourish. Supporting diverse and inclusive work places that we know result in retention of talent, increased business performance and innovation (McKinsey, 2019).

Why Coaching?

Discover how and when you need to switch off or activate your super powers!

Authentic leadership requires the courage to bring yourself into the roles that you play in your professional life. Letting go of the masks and stepping into your strengths, connecting with your support – physical, intellectual, psychological through coaching will result in positive outcomes for you and your company. Through coaching you will develop psychological flexibility, resilience, breakthrough imposter syndrome, grow in confidence and capacity.

Sometimes you need a space to explore what is happening, what is stuck, what you need to progress yourself/projects/teams or just time to sit and not be the one who ‘has to be in charge’.

Contact our Chief Happiness Officer to arrange a free 30 minute consultation; Paula@majellagreene.co.uk