Louisa Bowler

Louisa Bowler

Louisa Bowler is an amazing creative based in the North East – working with clients remotely. She trained in architecture, creates awesome upcycled practical and beautiful pieces and designed all the graphics used on this site. She is available for commissions in screen printing (t-shirts, bags, cushion covers), logos and Marvels comic inspired artworks! Send me an email and I will link you up!

Paul Garrard

Violet & Small, Paul Garrard

Paul Garrard is an artist who inspired the “Nothing is ever black and white” used on this site. He is a warm and lovely human being with a strong commitment to social equality. Check him out here:

Helen Mentha

Wine tasting in Marlborough, Australia 2019.

Helen is a collaborator, confidente, peer-supervisor, advisor and my very own babel fish. A truly inspirational creative, Helen brings solid well thought out ideas to life in all she does, not only intellectually but as an artist too! Thanks to Helen who inspired the use of cartoons for my business through her cartoon Miss Woo. Helen works internationally as a clinical psychologist, supervisor and trainer. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with Henry and Sacha. Check out upcoming training here.

Jojopahmaria Nsoroma

Dr Sarah, Jojopahmaria and me in Santa Monica 2019

I am honoured to call Jojopahmaria a close friend, she is a shaman therapist who works wholeheartedly in the world. The author of The Wisdom Walk to Self Mastery a leader, a guide, a warm and lovely human being. Jojopahmaria brings the ancesters to our present moment, she provides deep insights to people she works with and makes a huge cotribution to the love in the world. Check out her youtube channel and website for weekly inspiring thoughts and guidance.

Kristina Eastwood

Kristina and me on a windy day at Hampstead Heath

Kristina Eastwood is an award winning Body- Mind- and Energy worker, who offers a unique combination-treatment of Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Body Work, Hot Rocks and Energy & Thetha Brainwave work to support realignment with one’s limitless potential.

Donna Lancaster

Answer: I got the dress code wrong… ;0)

I have been very fortunate to meet some wonderful people in my life, Donna is one of them. She is wholehearted, authentic, kind, warm and no bull. A highly skilled therapist, facilitator and one of the founders of The Bridge Retreat. An inspirational leading light in a world that needs healing. Check her and The Bridge Retreat out!

Everyone deserves to be and feel loved.

The Mental Health Collective

Dr Amy Pollard

Dr Amy Pollard is an inspirational social entreprenuer, founder and director of the Mental Health Collective join in the kindness project to help connect people and prevent social isolation.

Saint Espresso

Collaborators at Saint Espresso

Saint Espresso started with a simple aim, to bring excellent coffee to the local neighbourhood in a beautiful setting, with top, friendly service. We’re proud to be a true independent, serving our local neighbourhoods.

Saint Espresso works with us to host events around London in fabulous settings!