Previous Salons

Getting a Grip of Time

How time perspectives change from culture to culture and what this means for making the most of your time.

Hosted by Suzanne Hazelton, Coach, Author, Counterpoint Specialist.

Taste: From the Science Behind it to the Culture of Developing it

Hosted by Shell Grayson, Editor, Nature Magazine, Tap Dancer & Former London Rockin’ Rollers Member.


‘Bringing vigour back into your life- the role of activity for well being

Dr. Kate Hefferon, Chartered Psychologist, Author, Researcher, Driving Force, MAPP Programme Lead.

Sex, Social Perspectives & Neural Pathways to Pleasure

Darren Townsend-Handscomb, Director at Moonpoppy Ltd, Leadership Coach, BSL Expert, Pleasure Seeker.

Beauty and the Beast; Finding an aesthetic through experiencing art in the urban surround

Carole Stagg, Director Art of Positive, Creative, Well Being Expert, Fine Artist, Good Egg.

‘Room to Breathe’ How architecture can lift your spirits

Delwar Hossain, RIBA, Director Adrem, Mentor, Creative, Marathon Runner, Abseiler.

The Midas Touch

Majella Greene Urban Woot & Guerrilla Hugs founder, social worker, positive psychologist

The importance of platonic touch throughout life, exploring how touch impacts on our physiology, mental wealth and developmental needs by guerrilla hugs founder Majella Greene.

How to genetically engineer your new body’

Paul Wilby, Director i-evlove, Body-Worker, Rolfer, Shaman, father, brother and poached egg eater.

 Go luck yourself!

Matthew Smith PhD, Senior Psychology Lecturer, Luck Expert!-0p

Dr Matthew Smith leads us on a journey through a range of psychological research that suggests that ‘luck’ may not be the uncontrollable beast it first appears! By rethinking what luck is, is it possible to tame it… and even learn to be lucky?

What does religion/spirituality have to offer to modern Urban life?

Michael Pluess, Chartered Psychologist,Lecturer in Developmental Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, Musician, Good Guy

Fashion, Turn to the Left; Fashion and how it makes you feel.

Christoph-Simon Masuch, researcher, consultant, coach, fashionista, muso and tea drinking, lamb hater.

Sex Part Deux: Love & Sex – Neurochemistry, Romantic & Companionate Love, and how to keep your relationship & sex life fresh.

Darren Townsend-Handscomb, Director at Moonpoppy Ltd, Personal & Leadership Coach, BSL Interpreter, Pleasure Sustainer.

The Nature of Reality: curating your urban experience

Melissa Harrison Author of Clay

These days barely a day goes past without a new survey hitting the headlines showing how much we need nature. People in hospital recover faster if they have a view of trees; micro-organisms in soil turn out to have benefits for our mental health; children who spend time in nature have better attention spans and fewer health problems. And aside from all this, we all know instinctively that green, growing things are good for our souls.

The Attitude of Gratitude

Hosted by Niyc Pidgeon

Spending time appreciating what you experience in life contributes to positive outcomes in life, what you focus on gets bigger – focus on the things you don’t have, the scarcity in your life and you might find yourself in a desert devoid of fruitful relationships and experiences. So what does science show us about gratitude?

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

John F . Kennedy

Vantage Sensitivity: Do some of us benefit more from positive experiences than others?

Michael Pluess, PhD

Most of us love and seek out positive experiences but do we all benefit from them to the same degree? Recent research suggests that some of us are more sensitive than others to the same experiences. The investigation of individual differences in response to negative experiences has a relatively long history in psychology and psychiatry. However, much less effort has been directed towards the investigation of characteristics associated with variability in response to positive influences. In this talk I will introduce the new concept of Vantage Sensitivity reflecting variation in response to exclusively positive experiences as a function of individual endogenous characteristics. After presenting empirical evidence for vantage sensitivity featuring behavioral, physiological, neuroimaging and genetic factors as moderators of a wide range of positive experiences ranging from family environment and psychotherapy to educational intervention, I will point out important conceptual differences between vantage sensitivity and theoretically related concepts before discussing practical implications.

New Year, Old You?

How to make the most of what you’ve got!

The pressure is on in January to make resolutions, change your life, shake things up and break things down…. It’s probably (yes, probably) not the best time of year to start making huge changes, the weather, lack of vitamin D and the need to for comfort and security are high on the list of needs scale during wet, cold winters. Majella Greene, Urban Woot Navigator, will explore how to make the most of what you’ve got by practising gratitude and forgiveness, backed up by scientific studies and supported by others narratives, this evening will be a chance to contribute, create and validate what we know works to increase your well being and happiness in the city.