Sophia’s Story

How have you been feeling lately? Since the start of the lockdown, I have been on an emotional roller coaster with more lows than highs, however, more and more frequently, there have been moments of optimism and hopefulness, too, and that’s not a coincidence – I’m proud to say: I’ve worked on it.

Sophia Klose

Majella Greene’s ‘Stay at Home H.E.R.O.s’ sessions have been a weekly source of inspiration to check in with myself and to connect with others while exploring some very timely topics: Hope, Self-Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism. Even though the external factors had restricted us to virtual meetings, there was a surprisingly strong sense of connection especially during the final sessions. Right from the start, Majella instructed us to listen to each other non-judgmentally and without necessarily giving each other advice, which created a safe space for everyone to share their personal experiences. Related to each topic, we tried out some easy-to-learn exercises, watched extracts from films and added our own motivational resources to a shared online platform. Once in a while we just had a laugh together.

After the final session, I felt better equipped to deal with this challenging situation, and there is hope that I will come out on the other end perhaps even a little bit wiser than before – thanks to Majella’s gentle guidance.

Sophia Klose

(based in North London, used to think that optimism is not for her until being told that it’s a muscle of the mind which can grow through regular exercise)