The Foundations of Happiness – Series

What does happiness mean for you?

What do you know about what makes you happy? Take a moment to inhale and exhale consciously, close your eyes and see what comes to mind when you get in touch with what makes you happy. Chances are you are very aware of some of the things that make you happy… friends, sports, reading all sorts of activities.

The sessions are aimed at anyone interested in personal and professional development, people who want to improve their bounce-back-ability, resilience and improve their relationship with themselves and others.

How can you enhance your capacity for even more happiness?

Lived experience show us what works for us. Positive psychology explores what a life well lived can do for your physical, emotional and intellectual well being. This series of experiential workshops helps you to discover ways to add credit to your wellness bank account.

You will discover

  • How to increase your happiness daily
  • How to live with the good and the not so good events
  • What works for you
  • Simple activities to improve your mood, relationships and learning capacity
  • The economics of happiness – where does money fit in?
  • How you can impact positively on those around you

The Sessions

Principles of Foundations

  • What is happiness?
  • Global happiness/social happiness in not so great circumstances
  • How to love ourselves even when things are tough
  • Living in integrity

Pad Foundations

  • Environmental psychology and happiness
  • Caring for the planet
  • Appreciation of beauty

Ground Anchors

  • Our physical selves
  • Platonic touch
  • Rest
  • Play

Raft Foundations

  • Learning
  • Listening
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude


The course be delivered in-house at your company or online in real-time webinar format.

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