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Established in 2005 Majella Greene & Associates are artivists, curators of people and spaces to facilitate personal, organisational and social change. We work as a collaborative collective of experienced professionals, clinicians (therapists) and academics who work with leaders, organisations, groups and communities to be the best they can be.

We focus on strengths based interventions to improve engagement, performance and innovation for businesses, groups and individuals. All associates are behaviour change specialists with many years experience in research and practice.

The Foundations of Happiness – Series

What does happiness mean for you?

What do you know about what makes you happy? Take a moment to inhale and exhale consciously, close your eyes and see what comes to mind when you get in touch with what makes you happy. Chances are you are very aware of some of the things that make you happy… friends, sports, reading all sorts of activities.

The sessions are aimed at anyone interested in personal and professional development, people who want to improve their bounce-back-ability, resilience and improve their relationship with themselves and others.

How can you enhance your capacity for even more happiness?

Lived experience show us what works for us. Positive psychology explores what a life well lived can do for your physical, emotional and intellectual well being. This series of experiential workshops helps you to discover ways to add credit to your wellness bank account.

You will discover

  • How to increase your happiness daily
  • How to live with the good and the not so good events
  • What works for you
  • Simple activities to improve your mood, relationships and learning capacity
  • The economics of happiness – where does money fit in?
  • How you can impact positively on those around you

The Sessions

Principles of Foundations

  • What is happiness?
  • Global happiness/social happiness in not so great circumstances
  • How to love ourselves even when things are tough
  • Living in integrity

Pad Foundations

  • Environmental psychology and happiness
  • Caring for the planet
  • Appreciation of beauty

Ground Anchors

  • Our physical selves
  • Platonic touch
  • Rest
  • Play

Raft Foundations

  • Learning
  • Listening
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude


The course be delivered in-house at your company or online in real-time webinar format.

To register interest complete this form stating whether you are seeking in-house delivery or individual interest:

Strengths Discovery Session

Want to know what your personal strengths are and how to optimise them? This session is perfect for anyone wanting to understand more about what works for them in personal and professional life.

Together we will explore how to optimise your strengths in your life, activate your under used strengths, harness your learned behaviours and minimise use of your weaknesses.

The Process

  • Complete an online strengths questionnaire.
  • 2 hour face-to-face or online session

Be your best possible self and discover more about you. Contact Majella 07983365969 or submit an enquiry below:

Personal Development

Are you feeling a little stuck? Is your life great but you are wondering how to shake things up?

Or maybe you are having a really awful time, can’t shift your moods, relationships, career?


Optimise your professional life by finding out what your strengths are, how to utilise your strengths and get what you want from your career.


Spend time reflecting on what works for you, creating relationships that support you to thrive and feel alive. Discover how to have positive relationships, platonic, sexual and professional outside of the regular social narrative.

What to expect

Sessions with Majella are space to design your life, try things out, clear out relationships, the past and move forward with renewed vigour!

Expect interactive sessions which may have you walking in the park, practicing mindfulness, creating collages or mood boards for the life you want. Or it might just be the space to talk, away from everything that is distracting you from prioritising yourself and your well being.


Choose from 60 or 90 minutes, face-to-face in London or online. Initial assessments will be 90 minutes.

Areas of Practice

  • Behavioural change – smoking, weightloss, career, unhealthy relationships
  • Cognitive change – need to reframe your experiences?
  • Relationships – partners, friends, polyamorous, family
  • Career devlopment
  • Trauma-related issues
  • Curating the life you want


“You’ve changed my life!”                                                                                            Annie, Business Development Professional

“The best way I can describe my session with Majella have been like being in the woods at night and someone giving me a map an a torch.”    Laurent, Designer, London

“I have found Majella’s sessions to be insightful, practical and extremely informative. At a particularly difficult period in my life, I found Majella’s sensitive but rational advice very constructive and helpful. The environment is also one of trust and positivity.”

Jade, London

“Majella has helped me on several occasions to work out my next career or life moves – she’s great at cutting through the rubbish thinking, asking the right questions to get me back on track, and reminding me of my self-worth! Highly recommend Majella if you need to make big decisions or just get out of the rut your in.”                                                 

Natalie, Yoga Teacher, London

“I was depressed and trying to fight the fact things needed to change, I had some bad experiences with counselling and therapy and did not think anyone would be able to give me the help and support to get out of the black hole I had unexpectedly found myself to be in. When our paths crossed I was sceptical about session with Majella, I definitely did not think she could have turned my life around in the way that she has.  Majella has helped me explore new ways of thinking and being. Everyday is not perfect, but at least when it is not my sessions with Majella have resulted in me being able to use many different tools to love myself a little more and have a positive forgiving outlook, making that black hole seem a million miles away.”
Annabelle, London


It’s possible to be kind, considerate of others and still set clear boundaries. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t require any justification. Practice with a friend asking for something everyday from each other, notice what comes up when you receive a ‘no’ and when you say ‘no’. Don’t add any reasons to your response, just practice the art of saying ‘no’. Of course you may also say yes if that feels right to you!

Motivational Interviewing Training

MI Training

Motivational interviewing is a well established behavioural and cognitive change intervention. Developed within substance misuse clinical practice, MI is now used across a broad range of clinical, educational, criminal justice and medical practice.

“Motivational interviewing is a collaborative, goal-oriented style of communication with particular attention to the language of change. It is designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to a specific goal by eliciting and exploring the person’s own reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion.

Miller & Rollnick. 2012. Continue reading “Motivational Interviewing Training”